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Eel River: In the early 1970s, a group of idealistic hippies goes back to the land…never dreaming the land itself doesn’t want them there.
First published in 2013, a revised, updated edition of Eel River has been published by Book View Cafe. E-book, print, and Audible versions are available.
Eel River Cover
John Scalzi was kind enough to let me blather about the book on his Big Idea feature.


Our Lady of the Islands (collaboratively written with Jay Lake). One of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2014. From their starred review: “Page has done a phenomenal job of completing Lake’s work after his death, honoring his contributions and vision while giving the novel an emotionally authentic, coherent voice.” Our Lady is now available as an audio book too, and was a finalist for the Endeavour Award.

More about the book, on John Scalzi’s “Big Idea” feature.

Read an excerpt here.

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THE NIGHTCRAFT SERIES–forthcoming from Ragnarok Publications, beginning Fall 2018.
Book I: The Queen and The Tower, in which San Francisco witch Calendula Isadora moves out of her coven house, just hoping for a little independence…only to find a whole lot more danger, loss, and romance than she’d ever bargained for.


Eastlick and Other Stories, Book View Cafe, October 2013.


Edited Works

The Usual Path to Publication Cover_MEDIUM WEB
The Usual Path to Publication, Amazon best-selling essay collection. Jo Walton, Jim C. Hines, Ken Scholes, Cherie Priest, Tina Connolly, K. Tempest Bradford, and many others talk about how they got published. Featured on John Scalzi’s “The Big Idea,” as well as Mary Robinette Kowal’s “My Favorite Bit.”

Witches, Stitches & Bitches, a Three Little Words anthology, from Evil Girlfriend Media.


Published or In Press

Reprint of “Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land, Under Starry Skies Above” (co-written with Mark J. Ferrari)–in Maximum Velocity: The Best of the Full-Throttle Space Tales.

“The Longest Night of the Year,” in Naughty or Nice: A Holiday Anthology, from Evil Girlfriend Media. This book is included in the Holiday Story Bundle from Kevin J. Anderson. After the Holiday Story Bundle is done, the book will be available for purchase through normal channels. The first two months of profit will benefit a Cystic Fibrosis charity.

“Mad Gus Missteps” (co-written with Mark J. Ferrari)–in How Beer Saved the World, from Sky Warrior Press. (also reprinted in Eastlick and Other Stories)

“Water Proof” (co-written with Chaz Brenchley)–in, August 17, 2012.

“Night Without Darkness” (co-written with Mark J. Ferrari)–in Gears and Levers, from Sky Warrior Press.

“Home”–in the e-book anthology Scenes from the Second Storey, Morrígan Books; print version forthcoming.

“Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land, Under Starry Skies Above” (co-written with Mark J. Ferrari)–in Space Tramps: Full Throttle Space Tales #5, Flying Pen Press.

“A People Who Always Know” (co-written with Jay Lake)–in The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity, DAW Books.

“Bane”–in Human Tales, Dark Quest Books.

“A Place To Come Home To” (co-written with Jay Lake)–in When the Hero Comes Home, Dragon Moon Press, August 2011.

“If This Were A Romance…” (co-written with Jay Lake)–in Love & Rockets, DAW Books.

“From the Countries of Her Dreams” (co-written with Jay Lake)–November 22, 2010 issue of Fantasy Magazine.

“The Hippie Monster of Eel River”–in Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, Apex Book Company.

“Embers” (co-written with Jay Lake)–in The Feathered Edge: Tales of Magic, Love, and Daring, from Sky Warrior Publishing in both print trade paperback and ebook editions.

“The Passion of Mother Vajpai” (co-written with Jay Lake)–in Tales of Dark Fantasy 2, Subterranean Press, January 2011.

“In the Emperor’s Garden” (co-written with Jay Lake)–March 15, 2010 issue of Fantasy Magazine.

“Rolling Steel” (co-written with Jay Lake)–April 2009 issue of Clarkesworld. Reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, edited by Sean Wallace.

“Bone Island” (co-written with Jay Lake)–in Interzone 225, November/December 2009.

“Eastlick” –in Black Static, May 2009.

“To Stone” (co-written with Jay Lake)–in Three Crow Press e-zine, May 2009.

“By the Sea”–in the award-winning anthology Grants Pass.

“Abyss”–in Literal Translations Issue 9 Read Excerpt

“To the One” (flash fiction)–in Literal Translations Issue 9

“Gil, After All”–in the forthcoming anthology In the Footsteps of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh Press

Articles, Interviews, Et Cetera

Author Interview on The Practice of Creativity blog, by Michele Tracy Berger, November 1, 2016.

“Witches, Stitches & Bitches: A Three Little Words Anthology and a Visit from Amazing Editor Shannon Page
, at On the Broomstick, September 30, 2013.

“Author Spotlight: Jay Lake and Shannon Page,” by Jennifer Konieczny, November 29, 2010.

“Dual Voices: Jay Lake and Shannon Page”, by T. J. McIntyre, Fantasy Magazine, March 18, 2010.

“On a Certain Day” at, January 13, 2010.


(a small essay, published here)

A Very Old Story, Presented in Its Entirety, Just Because.

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